BroadPulse Corporation

Notice 1

BroadPulse, as a leader in absolute new system and technology in Quality Assurance, innovated product and survice do not recognize any competitor around the world.

We are highly specialized in quality assurance, innovation and design. Based on our commitment we collected educated, qualified, experienced staff who are trained for work order priority, digest information, improve performance, best decision-making in high tension environment, evaluation in handling serious problem, capability to collect accurate information and honesty to ensure our client’s full satisfaction, but we strongly urge you to search very carefully before decision-making  for your convenience and commitment.

Notice 2

In this web site, we are intended to provide the structure of our topics and activities due to time value of our visitors.

We strongly urge you to send us your commend, question for better elaboration and services.

Notice 3

Due to privacy policy, Client’s information subjected to be customized accordingly by law.

  • BroadPulse believes supporting new customer is just starting point.

  • The company is doing its best to hold the liability and keep the collected team well educated, trained, informed, and updated with full concentration in quite healthy condition.

  • Politeness and honesty consider as an asset in our point of view.

  • We are confident in doing the right thing based on associated rules and regulations, which are collected by ASTM [American Standard testing methods], API [American Petroleum Institute], MSDS [Material safety Data Sheet] and other registered organizations, for customer satisfaction in order to be a leader in this business.

  • We strongly urge you to send us your opinion regarding any discrepancy/ misleading/ unclear/ or unfamiliar matter in our operation and documentation; we will do our best to make it right by law.

  • Keep the collected and certified samples in the certain condition, for analysis purpose, for any claim, made during six months after operation.

  • Please be advised that the decision made by Independent inspector is absolutely an art, based on education, experience, observation and research in chemical & petrochemical operation and navigation techniques, combined with handling materials in very safe environment. 


  • Our services are vary depend upon nature of cargo and instruction received from client.

  • We may offer our own written procedure to improve the quality of services with your need based on research, experience and observation during past decade.

  • We are first leader to offer all in one person as Independent Inspector -in combined Chemical, Mechanical engineering with Navigation Art includ handling modification.

  • Decisions made by Independent Inspectors are based on critical observation on board and may vary from one shipment to another with respect to behavior of material.

  • We do not take an uneducated risk under any circumstances unless permitted by client and his responsibility.

  • We are proud of inspecting over 500 shipments/year for past decade, value of over 25,000,000,000 USD cargos without any claim on our account.

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Electronic Mail: info@broadpulse.com