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BroadPulse Corporation, delicate cargo, canada

Federal Corporation Number # 629729-3

Canada - Toronto, Canada - Hamilton, Canada - Sarnia, Canada - Oshawa, Canada - Windsor, Canada - Thunder Bay, Canada - Trois-Rivieres, Canada - Chatham,  Canada - Sorel, Canada - Quebec, Canada - Montreal, United States, USA, US, Insurance Claim adjuster, Engineering adviser

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We are specialized in quality control, cargo inspection, cargo survey, cargo assay, dangerous cargo, delicate cargo, precious material, innovated product, modelling, simulation, operation, equipment and services. 

Head office: North America +1 519 893 5852

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BroadPulse, worldwide high technique operation leader, has been moving business in exciting new directions and launching its next generation of products in the global marketplace since the mid 1990's. The only company that employ experienced, trained qualify Engineers [all in one], who understand the material, partial pressure, % wt, % mol, % vol, mass balance, mass transfer, heat transfer, fluid dynamic.., technical aspects inside out, to 

guarantee the quality stay the same in minimum time constraints on site.

Q/C Division, formed by collected outstanding Engineers [x-partner of Crown Agent, service provider of United Nation], hereby pleased to offer the following services regarding innovated quality assurance, consulting, and independent inspection services in field of Mechanical, Chemical, Petrochemical equipment/operation, Handling Ocean going cargo, blending cargo on board the ship [cost cut; approx. 50-100 USD/Metric Ton] based upon material balance, PONA influenced by COLOR SAYBOLT, partial pressure, ....

You may place an order and request for Independent Inspection Services  in America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. So you may reserve all rights by law and cut extra expenses by choosing the right third party independent inspection Company.

Independent Inspection Services  Third Party Inspection Services

Here we point out a few topics as follows:

Cargo Inspection (On Shore) and cargo surveying

This category includes operation regarding sampling from shore tanks, Lab Test and witness [or Mobile analysis], sealing shore tanks, valves to prevent contamination, testing end of shore line and sampling, and all necessary action that is required, depend upon Nature of cargo and received instruction.

  • Liquid: Includes two categories: (1) Chemicals and (2) Products

  1. Chemicals: Includes all liquid chemical cargos with unique component, such as Methanol, Xylene, Caustic Soda, 2-Ethyl Hexanol

  2. Products: Includes all liquid cargos with different components, such as Gasoline, naphtha, Raffinate, offshore products

  • Liquefied petroleum gas [ LPG, LNG,.. ]

          Include two categories: (1) Chemicals and (2) Products

  1. Chemicals: Includes all liquefied petroleum gas cargos with unique component, such as Ammonia, Ethylene, propylene [include Purging, Gassing up, Cooling down, losses]

  2. Products: Includes all liquefied petroleum gas cargos with different components, such as Propane, Butane

  • Solid: This category includes Mechanical, Chemicals equipment/operation/ or cargo such as PVC, HDPE, LDPE, Catalyst, SBR, Rock phosphate, Fertilizer, Grain, Medicine, Processed product

Ship Inspection (off shore)

  • Blending cargo : Quality/quantity control and supervision on blending chemical, petrochemial products / or fuel on board the ship along with loading, in order to approach a specific Octane number, cost cut; operation is based upon Material Balance, PONA influenced by COLOR SAYBOLT, partial pressure, ...

  • Chemical Tanker: Include all operation such as monitoring operation, sampling [from selected point-decision made by Independent Inspector], Mobile analysis for critical tests, determine quantity

  • Product carrier: Includes all operation such as monitoring operation, sampling [from selected point-decision made by Independent Inspector], Mobile analysis for critical tests, determine quantity

  • LPG Carrier: Include all necessary actions plus N2 &ship’s tanks cooling down, gassing up, purging, sampling, mobile analysis, witness, determine impurity and unwanted component, determine quantity

  • Bulk/General cargo Carrier: Include draft survey [ship's buoyancy calculation], supervision, tally, quality/quantity control, visual inspection

  • ON Hire/ OFF Hire: Determine total fuel on board, documentation, and all necessary actions

Condition Inspection

  • Claims, Insurance Claim Adjuster: include quality, quantity control in chemical, petrochemical plants, plug system, batch system, equipment, operation, structure, accessory [include literature survey, trouble-shooting, resolve-complicate problem in operation failure in industry], loss control, and appraisal

  • Safety Inspection: based on ASTM, MSDS, regulations by law

  • Free Gas: Certification for cargo tanks/ CH4/ N2 Inert gas/ H2S/ Co2/ CO

  • Damage Survey: ship, cargo, shipment damage survey Induced by ship/shore faults with estimation

  • Containers: General cargo, equipment

  • Pre-purchase Survey: This is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel, or product, or equipment. Condition and overall operation should be examined as specification according to L/C, or purchase order.

  • Insurance Survey: so the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel, or cargo, or insured item is an acceptable risk, if so, is it the same as claimed document as per fair market value, and what are the other risks [like fire alarm, fire hose, fire hydrant, electrical wiring, distance from fire department..]

  • Appraisal Inspection: This is to collect information to determine fair market value of the vessel, or cargo, or equipment, or item. This is basically needed for financing, estate settlements, donations, and legal cases, insurance purposes.

  • Damage Inspection: This is to assess the extent of damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost, and, or the cause.

Loss Control, Cargo Assay

This category includes measurement, trouble-shooting, edit procedure for new/changed operation for different cargo

  • Our guidelines are ASTM [American Standard of Testing Materials], API [American Petroleum Institute] and MSDS [Material Safety Data sheet].

  • Our services vary; depend upon nature of cargo and instruction received from client.

  •  We may offer our own edited procedure to improve quality of services with your need based on research, experience and observation in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry during past decade.

  •  We are the first leader who offer all in one person as an Independent Inspector -in combined Chemical/ Mechanical engineering with Navigation Art [include applicable clauses based on Charter Party] plus handling modifications.

  • Decisions made by Independent Inspectors are based on critical observation on board and may vary from one shipment to another with respect to behaviour of materials.

  •  We do not take an uneducated risk, in order to maintain quality based on specification.

  •  We are proud of inspecting over 500 ships and shipments/year for past decade, value of over 25,000,000,000 USD cargos without any claim.

This division is considered as inspection division for Customs Agency of some countries in terms of Rights, Quality, Quantity, and Security by law.

  • Please be advised that the decision made by independent inspector is absolutely an art, based on education [Engineering Degree], experience, observation and research in chemical & petrochemical operation and navigation techniques, combined with handling materials in very safe environment [free risk].

Technology Spotlight

Quality Assurance [Mechanical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Navigation Eng.]

Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFX

Vibration of Structures

Design Hydraulic Systems

Stress Analysis and Modelling of continuum systems [FDM &FEM].  

BroadPulse keeps monitoring structural analysis, modeling continuum system, non-Newtonian/Newtonian fluid simulation, Mechanical, chemical, petrochemical, industrial equipment/operation include pre-loading, loading/unloading and handling delicate cargo on board the ship in balance engineering level…while transporting …at high-pressure operating systems in real time …constantly in a safe mode... On-hire/ Off-hire [for charterers /ship’ owner], loss control, excellent performance consecutively- consultation and excellent decision-making in high-pressure work situation.

 Innovation in performance-formulated products for high technology operation, simulation, structural analysis, modeling continuum system, quality assurance, supervision on loading, unloading delicate cargo,... precious material, oil, chemical, petrochemical,... supply,... operation, cargo inspection, cargo surveying, cargo assay, mobile  lab analysis, research project, troubleshooting, product/project assembly, ...performance-effective economic plant design and systems for controlling Mechanical, chemical, petrochemical operation, cost cut, strong technical support are shaping the future of BroadPulse Corporation. [More    Email us]  


BroadPulse, Standard Division challenges to comply with American Standard Testing Manual, American Petroleum institute, Navigation rules, Material Safety Data Sheet [More        Email us].

BroadPulse is committed to extend her offices in order to monitor operations with our honest and qualified Engineers locally - Satisfaction guaranteed.

BroadPulse has an excellent experience in cargo inspection. prior, while and after Loading/Unloading Chemical/Petrochemical and delicate cargo on board the ship [Gas Carriers, Tankers and Dry Bulk Vessels]-trouble shooting during Operations [high-pressure work situation] is our demand.

We are pleased to be able to help and accept your co-operation with our company, you may Contact Us.

Company Safety and Environmental Policy

BroadPulse' employees honoured to hold ISO for the company by Lloyd's register [GLC] since 1999. BroadPulse's policy is that all employees in every function execute their work under proper safety and health conditions and with proper concern for protecting the environment.

The top management expects every employee to comply with the strict standards and instructions issued by the company. The company aims to eliminate possible dangers which may result injury, illness, accidents, damage to property and environment. Our safety achievements are planned to preventing errors, hazardous situations and incidents. Should these take place, every employee is required to participate in determining and eliminating possible causes, in order to prevent recurrence in the future. BroadPulse has configured an Emergency Committee to handle incidents, if any.

As a result of our dedication, we have successfully managed serving our clients over 25 Billion dollars cargo without any claim.

Mechanical, Chemical, Navigation Engineering

without border

% 20 discount to new client subjected to first year.

Bulletin board

  • BPc is committed to challenge any company for innovated program, procedure, schedule, cost cut in blending product cargos on board along with loading,...      we hereby invite every investor to free advise in order to appreciate the importance of this great engineering approach.

  • All inspection activities will be supervised through our head office in order to produce the best result, accuracy with no bias for our clients.

  • Every year one bulk Carrier disappear from sea world due to safety issues, ship structure, weather condition,...   Nevertheless, Min % 80 of world cargo transport by sea, and ships are the most safest, and reliable carriers.

  • Scholarship for Gradate Students

  • Industrial Scholarship contributors

  • Reserve your legal rights bylaw

  • Third party independent inspection service

  • Why choosing us? please remember big corporations are not necessarily scientific companies, they have more expenses and care about making more money; imagine you are buying 10000 MT delicate cargo [2 Ethyl Hexanol, or Benzene, or Methanol,...], and chartered a ship with Demurrage of MIN $24000 a day, and you have a problem with 1st foot cargo loaded into the cargo tanks, What do you do? Can you rely on un-educated suggestions from unqualified representative [with irrelevant degree] just because he/she represents the biggest inspection company in the world, which try to solve every simple problem through their head office in another city or country? the answer is NO.

BroadPulse Corporation does not leave customer alone, and will stand behind clients in courtroom to reserve their rights by international law. On the other hand the value and quality of cargo are quite important issues that we can not accept any mistake, or risk, or solve problems through head office.   So we must rely on well trained devoted engineers [only] who have hands on chemical tanker, gas tanker,... beside, Chemical Engineering wisdom, due to their method of operations and cost cut policies from Chemical/ Mechanical engineering perspectives.

  • It is not an accident that broadpulse carry out this innovation in a manufacturing environment. Innovation is a primary goal in all of broadpulse professional activities. Our research and innovation have never been breached, this has given us the opportunity to work with many manufacturers and to help these manufacturer as they develop their product and innovations.







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Free first half an hour consultation regarding above subject matters [or how to extend your business].

% 20 discount to new client subjected to apply for first year.

So you may save Min $3600 in first year, no hassle, no obligation, satisfaction guaranteed.

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